About the Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia 

The origin of this encyclopaedia goes back to 1999 when author began his studies on the Kalashnikov by simply gathering all kinds of information available on the Kalashnikov assault rifleAfter realizing the information was best to be structured by country the first analyses were made. Next to information about the Kalashnikov assault rifle also photographic material played an important role in studying the weapon. At first there was no intention to write a book at all. After using this data for several publications in respected Dutch small arms magazines the idea grew to make a comprehensive and practical encyclopaedia about the Kalashnikov assault rifle. Though many great books had been written already and certainly all worth reading, a practical and quick reference guide still didn't exist. This was exactly what according to the author was missing and so the idea to start the project came from simply by identifying the desire to have one during his study about the AK. A book that could be used if necessary in the field. This would require a readily-portable book. 


In June 2011 the first edition of Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia came out. This first edition was sold in limited numbers and introduced as a special interest publication. The first edition comprised two books. A major part of the books was sold to government authorities or representatives. The books were also sold private customers mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium and a few in France. Later on a website was started to get the books under further international attention but the first edition appeared to be sold out earlier than the orignal planning was. 


In November 2015 the second edition of Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia comes out. The second edition is difficult to compare with the first edition referring to the number of improvements and extra content that has been included. The second edition comprises three books, the books have a larger size but still are
readily-portable and all content has been printed in full color about 3.800 pages of content. More details about the books are stated hereafter. 

Who the books are meant for?                                          

This set of books answers the need for those who require a practical and readily-portable set of books  for an easy and quick identification of Kalashnikov (based) small arms. The books are suitable for a wide range of users. The books are worthwhile for those who have interest in the weapon for example: 

* intelligence agencies;
service men;
* police men;
* customs;
* journalists;
* small arms journalists
* film makers;
* documentary makers;
* (small arms) collectors;

* researchers;
* curators;
* museums;
* collectors;
* officials
 and last but certainly not least....;
* sports shooters;
* those interested in the subject matter Kalashnikov.

What do you get?                                          

1) A set of three books covering:

2) Hardbound: 3,860 pages

3) Language: 

4) Dimensions:

Set weight: 

6) Paper quality: 

7) Number of photos: 

part 1     Albania - Israel
part 2     Italy - Russia
part 3     Serbia - Vietnam

part 1    ( page         1  -  page  1,330 )
part 2    ( page  1,331  -  page  2,700 )
part 3    ( 
page  2,701  -  page  3,860 )

English (sometimes local languages for example short translations of weapon markings)

170 x 240mm (note bigger than the first edition ! )

7.8 kg (total weight one set of three books)

Printed on premium quality, bright white paper 

Approximately 5,700     

8) Some features to be mentioned: 

  • All kinds of derivates included also indirect Kalashnikov variants
  • Many cross reference between descriptions to get insight in the Kalashnikov evolution
  • Kalashnikov based sportings arms included
  • Kalashnikov based hunting weapons included
  • Kalashnikov Classification Flowchart included to categorize all weapons included
  • Entire SAIGA shotgun series are covered in the Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia
  • Practically all shooting sports variants are included with photograph & descripion
  • Stories like the development of the first and second AK47 production models is given
  • All Kalashnikov related models manufactured by Izhmash are included
  • Information about 5.45 x 39mm AK-based weapons can be found back in the books
  • Distinctive features are given for each individual weapon described in the books 

  • Practically every weapon description comes with a photograph many with detailed photographs
  • Several reference tables for easy overview
  • Four appendices about markings, parts kits, legislations & latest AK producing countries
  • Several examples are give about Kalashnikov related systems
  • Kalashnikov explosion view included referring to more than 100 parts of easy understanding of descriptions
  • In appendix D you can read about the 'parts kits' rifles
  • In appendix C you read about the American gun legislation in general
  • The Czech Vz58 assault rifle and variants have been included as well among which several variants of the Vz58 based sporting rifles, as the Vz58 is often mislabelled as an AK
  • Dragunov sniper rifles also included and all kinds of variants like copies and derivatives

 9) Countries included: 

        Czech Republic
        East-Germany / DDR
        Germany (unified)
        the Netherlands
        North Korea
        North Ossetia
        the Philippine Islands
        South Africa
        South Korea
        United States


Part I of the Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia


 Part II of the Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia


 Part III of the Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia


If you have any questions about the book please send an email to: RoodhorstPublications@gmail.com