If there is one subject matter which can be discussed and studied from such a wide range of interpretations varying from total disgust to a life-saving necessity and all in between then the Kalashnikov certainly would make a fair chance. Plotted on almost every imaginable spot on at least as many spectra the Kalashnikov has been described, criticized, cursed, praised and appreciated by many writers. Despite what was written, the majority of these writers has one thing in common, they often tend to know what a Kalashnikov is and what it does but when it comes to details then every thinkable parameter - be it technical or social to bring in relationship with the Kalashnikov - is mixed up, and even so, that it might easily lead to wrong conclusions. 

After more than 15 years of research and study in the subject matter Kalashnikov for the author one thing is for sure, societies, in particular the European societies will hear more and more about the Kalashnikov and the consequences in particular. Also to be read on this website. In general the risk of superficial analyses is that wrong conclusions are drawn which in itself could lead to wrong actions and even worsen things. The Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia has been written keeping in mind to make it possible to conduct first analyses to point out what type of Kalashnikov rifle can be identified but also that information in the coming years about the Kalashnikov needs to be precisely. 

Since small arms developments are often related in a complex evolution process there was also a need to get insight in evolutionary relationships between several Kalashnikov variants and related derivates. In the Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia all corners of Kalashnikov design and deployment are incorporated. The reader is offered insight how a Kalashnikov (based) fire arm should be labbeled.   

This website informs you about the fully revised SECOND EDITION of the Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia, now available. A set of three practical readily-portable books that will give answer to questions in identifying Kalashnikov (based) weapons. For detailed information about the books GO TO the "About the  Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia" page.

The second purpose of this website is to inform those who are interested in a broader spectrum that should be placed in scope as well when studying a subject matter. The website informs you about the context of the Kalashnikov assault rifle such as: 

       * the world wide AK proliferation
       * Geopolitics, such as the impact of 
the Kalashnikov assault rifle will have on political developments
       * the man behind the weapon, the inventor Dr. Mikhail Kalashnikov
       * the Kalashnikov Concern who took over the Izhmash factory where Mikhail Kalashnikov has worked for
       * the introduction of the AK (in the United States) as a sporting arm (will be updated), finally....
       * the most important Russian cartridges used for the Kalashnikov based weapons with regular updates 

Eventually, the books have been written from the perspective that more than 150 million Kalashnikov assault rifles have been made as from 1947 to date. 

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Enjoy the website ! 

Courtesy Warsaw Pact Museum/
Photographes of the FIRST EDITION of the Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia version

Soon pictures of the new Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia will be shown here!