the Kalashnikov Encyclopaedia in three steps:

STEP 1: Fill in the order form and submit 

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Please be sure you give us your email address correctly as we send you further information on that address. 

For postal delivery your books are sealed, stored in a cardboard box and stored in a second cardboard box which functions as extra protection filled up with air cushion material between the cardboard layers. 

STEP 2: Wait for our confirmation e-mail and our request for payment

Further payment information will be provided in the order confirmation email.
We try to respond in four days time. 

Total amount = Shipping costs + Price of the set of Three books 

The price of one set of three books = € 190 (please note this is the introduction price !)

Consult the following table and determine the shipping costs (please understand the shipping costs are data to us, in other words we don't determine the shipping costs tariffs)

Shipping costs for customers within Europe (EU and non-EU countries):
The Netherlands                                             €   6.95
EUR 1 Economy track & trace shipment:       € 25.00  
EUR 2 Economy track & trace shipment:       € 31.00  
EUR 3 Economy track & trace shipment:       € 32.30 

Explanation EUR regions

EUR 1:
Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark (excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland), Germany, France (incl. Corsica and Monaco), Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican City), Austria, Spain (incl. Balearics, excl. Canary Islands), United Kingdom (excl. Gibraltar and Channel Islands), Sweden. 

EUR 2:
Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal (incl. Azores and Madeira), Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic. 

EUR 3: 
Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Iceland, Jersey, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Ukraine, San Marinon, Serbia, Turkey, Vatican City, Belerus, Switzerland. 

Shipping costs for the rest of the world:
Economy Track & trace Airmail:                   € 58.30

The transportation costs are based on tariffs published by (page 6).

The for mentioned shipping costs are for a set of three books, sent as standard track and trace. If you would like to order more than one copy, the shipping costs will be calculated individually for each set of books. In general delivery time is 1 - 2 weeks of course depending on the location the books are sent to.

Determine total amount by adding the transportation costs to the price of the set of books.

STEP 3: Transfer total amount

Please use the payment information you got from us in the confirmation email.

1) Transfer the total amount to the bank account you get by e-mail for European customers*
2) Transfer the total amount following the Paypal instructions by e-mail for all other regions.

Payments are accepted via bank transactions in Euros (€) drawn on our Dutch bank account (using "IBAN").
Unfortunately we cannot accepts checks. 

!!! Please note: it is not required to have a Paypal account, we only send you the request by Paypal.

Please remember:

The set of books cannot be sent to you if the amount transferred does not comply with the total amount (set of books + shipping costs that correspond with the region)

The set of three books will be sent to you only after the corresponding amount of money has been correctly transferred to our bank account.