The importance of East-West unity 


Though the image of Russia is changing it seems the country is often related with the recent history as being the opponent of the Western world during the Cold War. This is of course understandable but nowadays it would be too much of an one dimensional view on the country and that more than ever before. Russia is evolving. This requires time and patience as the transition to a more consumer based economy is complicated. Perhaps for the outside world it sometimes looks like the process is going slowly but in the end this furthers the financial, economic and political stability of the country. 

Now more than 20 years after the Berlin Wall came down the first post Cold War generation of Russians grew up without having the idea of a Western threat. This new generation takes chances of entrepreneurship. Western companies are now investing in Russia, and Russian companies do the same in Europe and the United States. So East and West are more and more growing towards each other. This definitely changes views on Russia.

Apart from the fact that Russia is rich in natural resources the country is now also actively promoting the diversity of its economy with a view to improve the core qualities of their technological industries that is consumer products in particular. Nonetheless a sound reflection of the Russian technological abilities are the aerospace and defense industry delivering highly sophisticated products like the S-300 air defense system and SU37 fighter jets.

Next to the economic progress there is a combined interest between the former opponents in determining and undertaking measures regarding international security issues. There is a growing cooperation between Russia and NATO in this field. Then there is the Permanent mission of Russia to NATO, this is the permanent representation of Russia. Combined efforts have already been successfully undertaken despite an occasional lagged effect of the Cold War concerning vision. Moreover the recent manifestation of political instability in certain regions emphasizes the need for further cooperation more than ever.