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The new AK400  

The new AK200 

Versatility is the key word for modern small arms development. The recently issued AK200 answers to this requirement. The weapon was based on the AK74M a weapon that is absolutely not outdated but the AK200 is much more arranged to add on all kind of accessories. The weapon is part of the modernization program of the Russian Armed Forces. As the AK200 is based on the well respected AK74 it may be clear it has the same well known reliability and ease of use.

The AK200 standard comes with a 60-cartridge magazine. Furthermore it has mounting rails fixed to the forend and the back of the bolt cover in order to attach a wide range of sighting devices and laser aiming devices to. Apparently the AK200 characteristics are on a par with those of NATO assault rifles. 

Nigerian Weapon Production 

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Defense Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) will begin mass production of the Nigerian version of AK 47s (AKA Kalashnikovs). They will be named after President Obasanjo and will be called OBJ 006. According to the Director General of DICON, "the Nigerian new rifle was named after Obasanjo because the president was the second sitting Head of State to visit DICON after General Yakubu Gowon." Just so you know, Kalashnikovs are the most popular guns ever made and there are more of them than any other weapon on earth. Why are they so popular? Because, they last for ever! They require very little training to use, very little accuracy for effectiveness and unlike other guns, do not need as much care and upkeep. Just slap it around a little and it will be firing again. They are so easy to use that children can use them efficiently and effectively.

Venezuela Launches Production 3rd-Generation Kalashnikov Rifles 

Monday, June 19, 2006
Venezuela has become the first nation in the world to make the iconic Kalashnikov third generation assault rifle on Russia's official license. The first batch of the legendary small arms that conquered the whole world has already been assembled at a Venezuelan enterprise, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Rosoboronexport official Alexander Yemelyanov. Russian specialists simultaneously participate in the construction of a new factory in Venezuela, which would be built solely for the production of Kalashnikov rifles. "The construction works are being conducted according to the schedule. 


We will also build another plant here which would produce ammo for Kalashnikovs," the official spokesman for Russia's defense export enterprise said. All the works are to be completed in 2011. Venezuela conducts the construction, as well as the production of Kalashnikovs, within the scope of the contract that Russia concluded in 2009 during Hugo Chavez's visit to Moscow.

Source: Fox news / Associated Press